Beyond Magazine Design

Beyond is a magazine in both paper and digital format, for graphic designers and people interested in design. Together with a team of other 3 designers, we have art directed, created content, text, photos and designed the magazine.

Upon being given the assignment of creating a graphic design magazine, our team established the color scheme as well as fonts that we felt reflected the magazine and would exemplify the look we were going for while maintaining a clean and sophisticated feel. Therefore we chose Futura as our headline font as it represents modernism in a geometric typeface. As a complimentary font we used Georgia for our body text due to its simple and readable design while still contrasting our titles. Our signature typeface for Beyond was Lust for our logo and page numbers. The colors that we highlighted were minimal and drew inspiration from trends spotted in various industries throughout 2017 and we felt encapsulated the minimalistic spirit that has become so widespread. Millennial pink has been seen around the world as one of the trendiest shades in 2017 and we wanted to give it a prominent space in our magazine as well as it holding a feminine feel.


Some photos in the magazine belong to their owners (stated in the image caption) and have been used with the approval of the companies.



  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Digital publishing on Issu