I am a creative and ambitious digital designer with a strong passion for HTML & CSS. With more than 8 years experience in the digital media industry, I now am a free bird. I helped founding the largest B2B search engine in Romania 828.ro, owned by a Swedish corporation, then worked with the company as a Country Manager for 3 years, until I decided cold weather would do better for my skin, and moved to Sweden (Just kidding, it was love.) Here I’ve landed in a Norwegian digital & social media agency, where I deepened my knowledges about the Scandinavian market, design and technology. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, a Copywriter Certification in Berghs School of Communications in Stockholm, and numerous courses taken to improve my different skills. All these brought me working with UI & UX design, WordPress development and graphic design for a few years back when I started to freelance. Now I’m in the third year of a Bachelor program in New Media Design (Graphic Design & Web Development) in Jönköping’s School of Engineering, designing with code, because next level for me means to be able to use both of my brain parts, the logical and the creative one.
I’m mad about food & wine pairing, travelling, yoga, high intensity training, trends in design and fashion, which also led me to a personal lifestyle & fashion blog, where I write from time to time, cause yeah, writing is my hidden passion. I love tech, working with people smarter than me, learning new things and being constructively corrected. I’m (almost) always the most positive person in the room, and I strongly believe there’s nothing an episode of Friends can’t fix.
Enjoy my work and brief me so we can start working together!


Website Development
Content Marketing
Adobe XD
UX Design